After studying art and the applied arts in Manchester England, I became an art director in the commercial world, a role that took me to many countries including Australia where I became a citizen. During my years in the commercial world my love for the fine arts never diminished and I never stopped practicing it. Now I practice it full time.

My paintings, though usually abstract, are almost always derived from an image I have seen in the real world – reflections on water, shadows falling across a building, a crumpled paper bag, the sources are endless and often surprising.

I don’t have a favourite artist, but I know a painting I love within a millisecond of first seeing it. I believe a painting should have immediate impact. It should hit you with visual delight. It should have a force all its own. It should draw you to it. It should lift your spirit. It should be unique. It should elicit that same response every time you look at it. That is what I strive for.